Creating a Bird

  • box
  • 3 smooth
  • extrude out wings-fix shape
  • cut in half
  • design one half until happy with shape
  • duplicate and add together
  • make sure basic shape is good before making changes
  • add edge loops to help shapes
  • eg eyebrows, cheeks etc
  • if you can get it looking nice when its boxy it will look lovely when smooth.

smoothness is key 

merge verteces

threshold bring up to 5


it helps to draw out bird before modelling.





  • move vertices for face eg, cheeks etc
  • rotate to get shape
  • when brought back into smoother shape shape will look much better
  • fix harsh angles so that it ‘flows’ better
  • camera can go off axis alot, hit F
  • F means frame
  • beak can be added in or just added to model
  • look at references eg penguin from Wallace and Gromit, and happy feet
  • home2 tumblr_static_feathersmcgraw
  • try extruding faces for beak
  • always check there are no faces inside a model
  • try, try, try again
  • if you take 4 times to model it will take about 10 to rig it
  • always make sure there are never any triangles in the model
  • try and avoid boxiness
  • smooth everything
  • use lattice to change structural problems if preferred
  • can save lattice in history so its part of model
  • can create lattice for one part of the model, eg head
  • if you make a model look sad, he will always look sad
  • decide wether the eyes are going to be on top of the skin or in a cavity


  • detach beak
  • select were you want cut
  • duplicate special reset tool
  • select everything that isnt the beak
  • delete
  • extrude an extra short edge on the beak (may come in handy later as there needs to be an inside to the mouth)
  • make inside of mouth have said amount of edges as beak
  • if you do this with all models, an inside mouth can fit them all
  • merging edges can cause problems
  • shortcut G and merge


  • make sphere
  • texture editor
  • phong
  • change to colour map
  • ramp
  • change one part white and one black
  • lattice around eye
  • master and servant, pupil will follow, eye will keep shape
  • using ramp can make pupil larger or smaller
  • look up tutorials for other eyes
  • for eyelids cut slice of sphere, but eyeball inside
  • do this for 3 different eyes
  • open, half closed, closed
  • remember to always delete history once finished a piece of modelling
  • add joints to a piece of modelling
  • shift wile clicking will open full menu of parents etc
  • NURB circle controls skeleton
  • reason we don’t see skeletons in models we download is they are hidden by creator
  • its okay to wing it
  • check how its working every time you add something new
  • label joints well or you are well and truly pooped

Basic Boolean Operation

  • take square and circle
  • intersect objects
  • polygons-mesh-boolis
  • becomes one object
  • downside smoothing goes to shite
  • vertices will go batshit
  • hit difference- cuts object in two
  • becomes one object
  • if edges pull out diagonally click blue dot and pull from there
  • use edge loops to fix edges
  • can use edge loops to measure (example- making a hole in a sink)

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 21.02.28

Modelling a Tree

I had originally began modelling a tree using CV curves as i had seen in a youtube video but i found i was running into problems that i wouldn’t have had if i created the tree the way i had in my head.


Tutorial directions

  • space bar- front view
  • create- cv curve tool
  • draw base of tree
  • space bar- perspective view
  • create- NURBS primitives- circle- attributes- inputs NURB circle- fiddle with sections etc until happy
  • change size of NURB circle depending on how thick you want the tree trunk
  • select circle and curve- select shift to do so
  • change shelf from polygons to surfaces
  • surfaces- extrude menu
  • set to tube- path- component-profile normal
  • output geo- polygons
  • control points
  • extrude
  • click circle- can change scale
  • extrude 1- click word scale
  • middle mouse click to drag size (1 changed to 0.5)
  • right click-edge- edit shape
  • click curve (inside trunk)
  • select control vertex
  • change tree shape
  • when done making changes go to edit- delete by type- history
  • delete curve- delete circle
  • window- uv texture editor
  • polygons-layout menu- world- layout UV’s
  • edit
  • duplicate
  • make as many branches from duplicates as needed
  • place branches
  • continue to change shapes as wished

after doing all of this i decided to create the tree a different and simpler way

  • create cube
  • change smoothness to 3
  • extrude upwards
  • extrude, scale, rotate etc for trunk
  • extrude out branches until happy

here is how this looked


i then assigned new material and made it brown

to create the leaves a create a sphere, flattened it, and then childed many small circles to it (to look like leaves) i coloured these autumnal colours and duplicated as many as desired until happy, i then attached these and placed them onto the tree. Here is how it looks at the moment, i would hope with another days work this tree will be complete and ready to place into our set for our film.


Creating a Kitchen Cabinet

Sadly, i was ill last week and missed this lecture, but got caught up and have my notes.

  • make floor
  • scale it > x500, y30, z200
  • make cube for cupboard
  • trans Y 40
  • trans X 60
  • scale Y80
  • scale Z60
  • extrude inwards to make cupboard
  • add door > extrude to make pattern
  • front view
  • hold D
  • move pivot point to edge
  • hold D in other view
  • move pivot point
  • door can now open and close
  • create ball
  • click isolate/select
  • click F
  • right view
  • vertex
  • select some bottom rows
  • scale them out
  • scale out until happy
  • edge >select
  • edge loop >scale down
  • perspective view
  • scale until happy
  • rename all geos
  • place door knob to correct location of door
  • make door knob a child of the door so they open together
  • go to curves
  • add circle
  • put it at pivot of door
  • make sure circle is at middle of corner
  • rename door_ctrl
  • make child of door
  • go to attribute editor
  • door ctrl
  • limit all values
  • curve wont move
  • rotate in Y
  • but not X or Z
  • limit rotation in Y to Z
  • limit max to 90
  • limit scale too
  • open sphere
  • open cone
  • cones position controls scale of sphere
  • window
  • general editor
  • connection editor
  • pipe cone to sphere scale
  • translate going into scale n code editor


Rigging Jonas

After completing this tutorial, i think its safe to say that rigging isn’t best suited for me, haha

However, i was able to figure out the missing piece of our lecturer’s tutorial (with a little help form fellow students)

The video was missing the driven key, as you can see from the print screens below i successfully rigged Jonas.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 20.10.53


As you can see from my outliner above, i correctly named parts of the model and rig and parented and childed them as desired.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 20.13.06


Above is a screen shot showing the driven key in working order.Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 20.13.39

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 20.13.49


More working controls

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 20.13.59

Week 5

When Creating Flour Sacks 

  • You always want to capture poses with minimum movements.
  • make sure it always looks like a flour sack, not a chicken
  • always ask yourself, is this the cleanest and simplest it can be?