Creating a Kitchen Cabinet

Sadly, i was ill last week and missed this lecture, but got caught up and have my notes.

  • make floor
  • scale it > x500, y30, z200
  • make cube for cupboard
  • trans Y 40
  • trans X 60
  • scale Y80
  • scale Z60
  • extrude inwards to make cupboard
  • add door > extrude to make pattern
  • front view
  • hold D
  • move pivot point to edge
  • hold D in other view
  • move pivot point
  • door can now open and close
  • create ball
  • click isolate/select
  • click F
  • right view
  • vertex
  • select some bottom rows
  • scale them out
  • scale out until happy
  • edge >select
  • edge loop >scale down
  • perspective view
  • scale until happy
  • rename all geos
  • place door knob to correct location of door
  • make door knob a child of the door so they open together
  • go to curves
  • add circle
  • put it at pivot of door
  • make sure circle is at middle of corner
  • rename door_ctrl
  • make child of door
  • go to attribute editor
  • door ctrl
  • limit all values
  • curve wont move
  • rotate in Y
  • but not X or Z
  • limit rotation in Y to Z
  • limit max to 90
  • limit scale too
  • open sphere
  • open cone
  • cones position controls scale of sphere
  • window
  • general editor
  • connection editor
  • pipe cone to sphere scale
  • translate going into scale n code editor



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