Mens Shed NI

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Northern Irelands Mens Sheds Network was set up to support the development, sustainability and networking of Mens Shed Facilitated by a Northern Mens Sheds Support group which is a sub group of the Irish Mens Shed Association. It runs in parallel to several other regional network cluster groups across the island of Ireland and maintains strong contact and relationships with colleagues in England, Scotland and Wales.

Mens Shed is a project for men aged 60+ to share skills, socialise and connect with their wider community. Mens Shed brings together men to share their skills, have a laugh and a cup of tea while working on practical activities of their choice.

A place for members to be themselves, a place to exchange ideas and learn, a place for members to support each other and build friendships.

Membership is free.

Activities Include

  • Horticulture
  • Joinery and Woodwork
  • Arts & Crafts
  • IT
  • Mens Health
  • Healthy Cooking

Shedders are also welcome to share a particular skill if they would like.`Every shed is different depending on needs and skills of shedders.

Project Coordinator: Eoin McAnuff

AMH Regional Office

4a Steeple Road



Phone: 02894425356

Mobile: 07885970086



Downpatrick Details

3 Ballydugan Industrial Estate

Ballydugan Road


BT30 6TE

Mobile: 07885407094





St Patricks Primary School

One of the groups we will be working with is St Patricks Primary School, and one of the tasks is to create a PDF or something visual so that the teacher understands what we want from him/her and the children included. I decided to draw out a storyboard explaining the part of the film we want them involved in.

This part of the story takes place at Struell Wells in Downpatrick. Once i was done with the shots i sent them to Niamh who put them into iMovie and made a animatic with them, she then lended her voice to it to.

Here is the animatic…

Animatic for St Patrick’s Primary School


Throwing Around Comedy Idea’s

One day, myself Niamh and Shelley sat around trying to think of comedy sketches that we could turn into short animations, or film live action short clips like ‘vines’, here are some of the ideas we thought of…

Man plays flute, brings snake out of pot, Paddy walks into the shot, snatches teh flute off the man and yells ‘No! No more snakes!’, and walks back out of the scene.

Man, who appears to be Gandalf, walks up to snakes, takes down his hood and reveals he is St Patrick,he then yells at snakes “you shall not pass!”

Playing off a joke from ‘Father Ted, the film will take place outside of a Reptile Shop in Belfast, St Patrick walks into the scene with a sign, he stops and takes position outside of the shop and holds up a sign, the sign reads “down with this sort of thing!”

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 20.09.01


We found this idea to be really humorous, so i drew out a quick storyboard to visualise it, we hope to film this in the following weeks.


Creating a Comic/Poster

Playing off of the joke about St Patrick hating snakes, and the film Snakes on a Plane, i decided to make a comedy peice. I began by drawing out a rough outline

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 19.35.47

once i had cleaned up the lines, i then began adding colour

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 22.49.29

Once complete, i drew out the second half of the comic sketch  where snakes fall from the storage in the plane causing everyone into a panic…

planecomicoutlinepGE2I once again added colour, and had my final peice…

comiccompletei am quite pleased with this piece and feel it works well as a comedy sketch, as well as drawing attention to the hashtag, which helps spread the word about the project.


How to Get Elderly Involved

Knitting a Crochet projects for elderly such as creating Shamrocks or even a St Patrick plushee.

Crocheting an Irish Shamrock Tutorial

Our Contribution 

I am personally very interested in …

  • 2D Rotoscoping
  • 3D Compositing
  • 3D Modelling, UV Mapping & Texturing

Over the course of this placement i wish to have at least been able to use two of these skills to help the project


DeLorean on Amazon £18

Delorean on Amazon


Lego DeLoreans are no longer being made, therefore any available are very highly priced.

Using a sites like and  , you can get 3d lego heads printed for roughly £15

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 19.26.38


Lesson Plans




Have children create short pieces of stop motion animation based on St Patrick within a 6 hour session.


·      Teach children about St Patrick, his time outside of Ireland, In Ireland and most importantly, his legacy.

·      Teach children basic stop motion style animation using a light box and cardboard cut outs.

·      Teach children how to use software on ipads called ‘iStopmotion’.

·      Split children into groups and have them create short films for Pats To The Future.


·      iPads

·      Tripods

·      Lightboxes

·      Paper/cardboard

·      Safety scissors


·      iStopmotion

·      Stop motion clips/examples

·      Storyboards/animatics so kids have rough idea of what we want them to create


  • Split children into 2-3 groups
  • Give each child a task e.g. cutting out, placing cardboard, taking pictures using iPad with iStopmotion software
  • In 30 min intervals switch each childs task, this will help keep them motivated, and make sure everyone gets to have a go at each process.
  • We will go around helping the children take the project in the right direction



  • Children can explain what animation is
  • Children can explain what Stop Motion Animation is
  • Children can tell the story of St Patrick
  • Children can demonstrate they have learnt a new piece of software
  • Final pieces of stop motion film
  • Childrens use of language (using words like shot, frames, Claymation, stop motion, storyboards etc)

Monday 11th January Meeting

Record elderly being shown a film about St Patrick, get their reactions and what they have to say.

  • have a a look into lego animation and 3D Printing
  • Research how it would be possible
  • Sand Animation
  • Art Attack Inspiration, large blown up art, with salt, sand, pebbles etc, could even be done with lots of little fake shamrocks
  • Big_Art_Attack_-_Neil's_Self_Portrait
  • keep researching animation community groups
  • think of competitions that are actually doable
  • potential musical number? even to be played during credits
  • look up ipad air prices
  • find films about St Patrick

Places we could potentially show film at

  • The Mac Building
  • Culture Night
  • Belfast Film Festival

Have different edits for different things eg, TV, Competitions, Festivals

  • Have a world or country map as as Patrick travels there have the places turn green (inspired by santa travelling around the world)
  • Make joke quoting Samuel L Jackson- Snakes on a Plane