Typography Design Included into Top Trumps Cards.

yukky final octavia octopus final octavia final mingility final


As we finally decided on a typography design and an eco warriors logo was created, it was time to bring this design into our top trump card designs, here is the finished design.


Eco Warriors magazine cover and Website Homepage Design.


webpage homepage


I decided to design a website home page for children and a magazine cover based on the eco warriors. With use of typography we made a logo which i included in both designs. I found this quite difficult to try and look professional but did my best.

Rough draft of Final cards.

As part of a group of 5, creating a deck of 20 cards means we can evenly distribute the work load by creating 4 cards each. I was in charge of Octavia human and Octavia Octopus (as Octavia is designed loosely on me). There are also 5 minions so it was fair to do a minion each. I got the minion of Agility and lastly, i created Yukky.

Here are the 4 cards.

mingilitytrump octaviatrump octaviatrump1 yukkynew


Once we have decided on a typography design these cards will be changed to include our design.

Sketching out Poses.

Now that the group has discussed, we have decided to do a mock up design of all the cards in full colour which we will later finalize with the typography included. We are doing 4 cards each, i’m doing Octavia Human, Octavia Octopus, Yukky and Minion 5 which i have renamed Mingility as he is the minion of Agility.

Here are some very rough sketches i did in my sketchbook.

20131216_125519 20131216_125526 20131216_132152 20131216_132158 20131216_132203 20131216_132222


For our Typography project we are based in our Jellyfish world so first off i had wanted to create and research type based around sea life and creatures.

I found a few on the internet and took inspiration from them such as this one.


i quite liked this idea but decided not to opt for it or develop it further as our project wasn’t based on sealife, it was a world within in a jellyfish.



I also liked the idea of using letters to create an image like the letters w-h-a-l-e has to create the shape of a whale. However, doing this to create a jellyfish with its many wobbling limbs would be incredibly difficult and so i decided to move on from this idea as well.



I decided to create this design based on a basic wavy type and adding this tentacle idea to it. However to do this in a full comic book or for a full deck of cards would be difficult and hard to read.

I decided to focus more closely on basic comic book style types/fonts and will then discuss with the group and take on board all of their designs.

This first design is a basic thick comic style


this design is a much thinner style but still keeping within the comic styling.


This style is inspired more by a science fiction design.20131215_203850

20131215_203855 20131215_203901

The following designs i wanted to look more hand drawn or ‘sketched’ which i quite like the design of. 20131215_203909 20131215_203921 20131215_2039140

As i had done a very thin design i wanted to make quite a fat rounded design and came up with this, i feel it also looks quite science fiction. 20131215_2039222


Once designing the top trump eco warrior cards begins we will have a much better understanding of typography and how we wish to proceed.