Modelling a Tree

I had originally began modelling a tree using CV curves as i had seen in a youtube video but i found i was running into problems that i wouldn’t have had if i created the tree the way i had in my head.


Tutorial directions

  • space bar- front view
  • create- cv curve tool
  • draw base of tree
  • space bar- perspective view
  • create- NURBS primitives- circle- attributes- inputs NURB circle- fiddle with sections etc until happy
  • change size of NURB circle depending on how thick you want the tree trunk
  • select circle and curve- select shift to do so
  • change shelf from polygons to surfaces
  • surfaces- extrude menu
  • set to tube- path- component-profile normal
  • output geo- polygons
  • control points
  • extrude
  • click circle- can change scale
  • extrude 1- click word scale
  • middle mouse click to drag size (1 changed to 0.5)
  • right click-edge- edit shape
  • click curve (inside trunk)
  • select control vertex
  • change tree shape
  • when done making changes go to edit- delete by type- history
  • delete curve- delete circle
  • window- uv texture editor
  • polygons-layout menu- world- layout UV’s
  • edit
  • duplicate
  • make as many branches from duplicates as needed
  • place branches
  • continue to change shapes as wished

after doing all of this i decided to create the tree a different and simpler way

  • create cube
  • change smoothness to 3
  • extrude upwards
  • extrude, scale, rotate etc for trunk
  • extrude out branches until happy

here is how this looked


i then assigned new material and made it brown

to create the leaves a create a sphere, flattened it, and then childed many small circles to it (to look like leaves) i coloured these autumnal colours and duplicated as many as desired until happy, i then attached these and placed them onto the tree. Here is how it looks at the moment, i would hope with another days work this tree will be complete and ready to place into our set for our film.



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