Basic Story Plan- from beginning to end of level 2

The game will begin with Scarlett sitting depressed on the floor of a very creepy nursery type room. text will appear saying

‘ i cant do this anymore, i need to get out of here’

Tutorial Level

and the screen will change to the first piece of gameplay which will be a short tutorial level explaining how to move, jump, what not to stand on, what levers to pull etc. The end of the short level will have her falling through a trap door and it the screen will change to an animated scene.

This is where we will first meet the villain, Lamia who’s name in greek mythology means abductor and murderer of children.  she will be a bit overweight, badly dressed with bad makeup. She will talk very calmly and sweetly to Scarlett saying

Lamia: Scarlett my darling, why do you try to get away? You know you are safe here with your mummy, and i love you so much, don’t you love your new home?

Scarlett: But this is not my home, my home is in Fairway Drive, and you are not my mother! My parents are back home and-


Scarlett: wh-what? No, i saw you attack them but they aren’t de-

Lamia: You naive little petal. Don’t you know? Your parents died in a car crash shortly after you were born.

Scarlett: Wh-what!? Your lying, my pare-

Lamia: After they died you entered the system and were put up for adoption. Only two parties were interested in loving you, me …and those beasts you call parents.

Scarlett: You mean my parents aren’t my real pa-

Lamia: I was clearly the right choice, loving, had the perfect nursery already put in place and waiting for beautiful little you.

Scarlett: You mean thats been there since-

Lamia: but those idiots at the agency decided that your ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’ were the better choice because they were a “WHOLE” family.

Scarlett: i understand that would have been hard for you but i love my-

Lamia: I WAS THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOU! I LOVED YOU BEFORE I MET YOU, I WAS READY TO BE A MOTHER FROM I WAS A CHILD BUT IT WASN’T TO BE….at a young age i found out i would never be able to have children so i decided i would adopt, and after meeting you, there was no one i wanted to mother but you…AND IT WAS ALL TAKEN AWAY FROM ME BY YOUR STUPID INCAPABLE “PARENTS”.

Scarlett: Couldn’t you have adopted another baby?

Lamia: oh, my child. How precious you are. Yes, i had the choice but none of them were you. You are all i ever wanted, i love you like i brought you into this world myself…and now, finally,-moves in closer to Scarlett- i have you, and we can be happy together forever

Scarlett bolts from the room, almost ripping the door from its hinges


Level 1

The scene turns to gameplay again and the first proper level begins, running through the house, jumping obstacles, pulling levers to open doors. Some levers have a small red strap on them which means they are boobytraps, if pulled you will fall through the floor and end up at the start of the level again. Once you reach the final door and get outside it changes to a cut scene again of Scarlett hiding in the bushes and getting her breath back.

Scarlett: Adopted or not, they are my parents, and they loved me and i must get back to them.

Lamia: -yelling from a distance-Scarlett darling, where are you? I promise i’m not angry, just come back in and i’ll make you some hot chocolate and we can talk about everything.

Scarlett: She’s absolutely mad, i need to get away from here!

Scarlett tries to get up but realised her foot is caught in some vines and branches, suddenly the villains flashlight enters the screen signalling she is near by.

Scarlett: oh god, oh no -gasps- my dagger!

quickly, Scarlett produces a blade and cuts herself free and begins to run, the flashlight turns in her direction


Level 2

Screen turns to game play again, this level is mainly grass, logs, sticks, rocks etc The player must run  and jump over the obstacles and cut down vines with her dagger to get through the level whilst the flashlight follows in the distance, she must reach the end of the level and run deep into the forest before the flashlight catches/uncovers you. If failed, you must repeat the level.

Cut scene of Scarlett realising she is now safe and settling down to sleep in  the forest. In the morning she wakens remembering the ordeal of the night before.

Scarlett: Oh my god, i am free, it wasn’t just a dream. Now to find to where on earth i am and how in the world i will ever get home. 


Getting to know Scarlett

Since the game will have a lot of backstory (that even i don’t know the answer too yet) i decided to answer some questions for my character to better get to know her and her situation.

Where does you character live?

No. 2  Fairway Drive

What Cities are there?


Interesting Landmarks?

Grimsville – Where she will be taken when kidnapped

How old is your character?


What would someone notice about your character at first glance?

Her bright red hair

Are your parents still alive?

her biological parents, no. Her adoptive parents, yes. but she doesn’t know if they are when the game begins, nor does she no she is adopted.

Do you have any siblings?


Character goals?

To escape and get back home to her family

Personality quirks?

Loves animals, knows how to use a knife for many purposes

Why is your character on their adventure?

She was kidnapped by a woman who couldn’t have children and Scarlett was chosen to go with her parents instead of this woman. Years later the woman devises a plan to kill the parents and take Scarlett

Character fears?

never seeing her family again or getting away from the villain

What social class is your character from?

Normal everyday folk, both parents have jobs, she goes to a public school etc.

How has their upbringing affected their world view?

She is a kind and good person, but has a wicked side that is unleashed as the game progresses

Does your character have any heroes or inspirational figures?

her parents, and all the skills and pieces the wisdom they taught her over the years

Does your character have any significant personal items?

Her dagger, and her pocket watch with a picture of her parents inside

What is your character’s view on magic?

none, its a normal world without magic

Has your character ever crossed anyone?

No, but in the villains eyes, her parents have.

Does your character have any enemies?

the villain, but the villain loves/has an obsession with her

What are your character’s goals in life?

To get home to her family, haven’t decided on much else yet.

How important is the accumulation of wealth?

not important

Where did your character learn or train their skills?

Her dad works with wood and taught her how to carve and also how to use her dagger as as weapon, which her mum always disapproved of, but will be what will save her throughout the game.

Some of these details such as place names are subject to change as this is an early draft of the story and plot

Meet Scarlett

After finally making a decision on how my character should look, i took to work drawing her in different poses and shots, so here she is…meet Scarlett

all views-Recovered

As you can see with the lines because her head is so large, she is roughly 4 heads high. all views with lines

not particularly happy with the piece below but felt i had already decided on my character and there wasn’t much point wasting anymore time when its purpose is to show the poses she is crouched in.

character poses

The same goes for this one, it is a basic piece to show how she would run in a run cycle for the  game and how her hair might move.

running pose


Character Design 003

i took the middle pose from my last character design sheet and began redrawing it…Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 13.28.43 final character rough edit (1)

As you can see from the before and after, the pose is the exact same, even the clothing is, but everything else is different. I decided i really loved her red shoes, but didn’t love her purple toned hair clashing with it, and so decided to change the hair to red also. The hair is the before was much to jagged and in a way semi realistic and i just wasn’t liking it, so looking at the likes of Ariel from the Little Mermaid and Cherry from Paris Christou’s Cherry Pinups series, i redrew the hair, keeping its original  shape and flow but giving it a much more sleek, voluminous and softer look.

The face was next to be changed, i realised that the face on the before looked far to semi realistic and i realised it would not look good in a 3D modelled game format, once again i took inspiration from The Little Mermaid and Cherry Pinup by giving her much larger almond shaped eyes with dark brows to frame them. Her lips i realised needed to take up more of her face, i wanted them to be big but not Angelina Jolie ‘sexy vibes’ big. So i decided to leave her top lip quite thin, with her bottom lip larger but not over dramatically big. I am quite pleased with the look.

My biggest struggle was getting the nose right ( i can hear Flynn Rider right now “They just can’t get my nose right!”). I looked at all the different disney princesses (Snow White was no help, she has a bit of a Voldemort situation) and also looked at the likes of tank girl and even Wonderwoman comics i had lying around, after much struggles and frustrations i decided to land on the round button nose you can see on my character. And finally i had made my changes…or so i thought.

As much as i was happy with the new design, i realised she still looked FAR too adult and so once again i began redrawing her proportions, looking at drawings of Rapunzel and Merida as children from my ‘The Art of’ books, this really helped.  This made me realise when drawing a child the head needs to be much larger, as do the eyes. After much drawing and undoing in photoshop, and after i finally got the arms, legs and torso to a proportion i was happy with…i had my character…

She probably needs a name.


Body Design 002

After realising my character looked much to old, i went back to the drawing boards and came up with something new…

I ended up coming up with these designs. I thought that in order to give m character more childlike innocence baggier oversized clothes may be the answer as you can see with the hoodies and big boots. I do this these characters look younger than the previous but i was still not happy. The character look and style didn’t turn out as i had envisioned so i decided a total revamp was needed.

child poses 2 child stickman

Body Design 001

After deciding on the hair design it was time to move on to the rest of my character, after watching many youtube tutorials for advice i came up with a design and here is the process of how i did it…

First, i drew out poses in a simple stick man style, as i knew it was important to get a good pose done before drawing anything else.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 14.49.58

…i moved on my on a new layer drawing rough ‘box’ figures, a technique i learnt from life drawing , this meant i could fill out the basic shape and space the character would take.Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 15.20.31

When happy , i created a new layer and drew the final body shape, i then removed the previous layers. I created a new layer also and began sketching in the hair i had decided on in my previous posts.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 18.30.23

When happy with the rough purple drawings you can see i then did neater finer black lines as my final drawings.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 18.30.36

I repeated this drawing process when adding clothes, i then added colour and this is the final designs.


After relooking at what i created i realised that the character did not look like a child as i had intended, or even a teenager, so i knew more work needed to be done.