Tuesday 10th May 2pm Meeting

-Show Larry fully rendered Market Street file


-Mens Shed guys come to Belfast to see models being 3D printed

-Research 3d Printers

-discuss 30 second teaser trailer for project- we have full creative control

-discuss idea of moving the set around

Next Meeting Thurs 19th 2pm


Tuesday 12th April Meeting

Model and UV

-Down Arts Centre

-St Patrick Centre

-Strand Cinema

-Research animatronic building, how to magnetise feet etc

-research how to build characters (like i did at A-Level0

-Extend Struell Wells Animatic, get male voice for Patrick

-Bring mic to school, take pics for presentation

-get video footage of Mens Shed

-Meet next week, discuss what suits everyone

21st April 1pm Meeting

28th Uni Presentation


The Golden Mock stop motion piece- fix it

-create a logo

-Make a nice intro for ‘tv show’


4th April 2pm Meeting


-Thursday School Meeting

-Making stories with kids

St Pats Primary School

-extend intro

-keep working on Market Street, complete UV and texturing

For School…

-have lesson plan sorted

-split into 3 groups

-before Ireland, during Ireland and Pats Legacy

-Can be done in any medium school prefers

-basic storyboarding to plan out ideas

-Questions for teacher? Write out queries

– Make a handout for kids and parents


Project for charity group ‘Without Doors’, designed to help the homeless

IKEA gave 4k towards doing up place for homeless with rules eg: no alcohol, no drugs etc

-Create logo for Without Doors

-Needed by Sunday


-Have rendered out version of Market Street (unfinished is fine)

-have images printed out

-Look up 3D Dojo, look at lessons plans

8th March Downpatrick Trip

-Going on St Patricks Trail

-1pm Mens Shed Meeting


take photos on trail

Trail includes…

St Patrick Centre

Down Cathedral

Inch Abbey

St Patricks Grave

Down Railway Museum

Saul Church

Struell Wells

River Slaney

Comber Abbeys


-about how they are getting on

if they are still happy with the project

-show them models in maya, explain how they will look when finished

-anything else you want us to do?

Larry uploaded photos but is yet to give us link for us to show you/print them out.

Monday 15th Feb 12pm Meeting


-Tomorrow 10am leaving for Downpatrick and meeting Mens Shed

-Prepare questions

-throw around idea of chat show with kids interviewing St Pat

Create presentation for Mens Shed

-explain who are are

-what we do

-what we hope to get out of this project

-what we hope to give them

-get involved in their thoughts

-summarise the project

-find out what skills they have and what they would like to do with those skills


Slide 1- Animation, what is it?

Slide 2- Shot progression of Brave- Box Trolls End Credits

Slide 3- About us -includes pics-

-Slide 4- About Pats to the Future project

Slide 5- Animatic Sample

Slide 6- WE NEED YOU!

Slide 7- Any questions?


-plan workshop approx 5 hours in duration

-think of simplistic ways of doing animation

-will take place on Monday 19th Feb & Monday 7th March

Thursday 4th 10am Meeting


-discuss styling for maps

-storyboards need to be turned into animatic for St Pat’s Primary School

-Neil Dougan- Comedian, try to contact him, will be doing show in Blackbox on St Patricks day.


Music video filmed by Larry for kids youth club called ‘Artillery Youth Centre Belfast’, song was written and performed by kids also, called ‘i’m just a kid’. Will be supported by Childline.

at 1.35 mins there needs to be something added to establish that they’re now friends- Girls need to be shown writing an apology letter.

-have certain words pop out of letter

-attach lyrics to one version of the music video


Tuesday 12th Meeting


-St Patricks Primary School task is to create a 1 min project

-Will be using storytelling applications teachers and students will be familiar with.

-Enter kids in art competitions, eg draw St Pat, Draw a poster etc

-Consider piece of animation/film with kids in documentary style answering questions about what they think of St Patrick.

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