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Creative Elements. Week 1

Scan 1

This week i began Creative Elements. We were put into teams and given our first project. I was put into a team with Katie, Megan, Hannah and Niamh. Our project lasts for 2 weeks and it is to create a poster and digital painting/graphic to represent Creative Elements and Design Presentation Reporting. Of course, none of us really understood what these words mean and so we got to work with researching and sticking words with post-it notes onto the walls like we had learnt in week Zero.  We had a white board wall and wrote out all the pieces of information we found to be of importance.

20130923_164655 20130923_164741 20130923_164745

We then began writing out words and sentences and working off them to get more ideas and webs from them.

20130923_164734 20130923_164730 20130923_164724 20130923_164719

We also decided researching and looking up what types of books would help us understand what we are researching, we wrote these down and later went to the library to take some out.


We then started drawing down our ideas such as this one…

Scan 2

This is one of the first ideas i came up with which would be for the A0 poster. I was thinking about the elements of creativity and we had discussed how imagination was one of the main factors. I realised nobody has greater imagination than the mind of a child. Children draw enthusiastically and have epic scenes in their heads but it doesn’t always come across that way on paper, and so i came up with this design.

Scan 6 Scan 7 Scan 8

Hannah had mentioned something she had seen in the book ‘The Animators Survival Kit’ by Richard Williams.  It was about how it takes a lot of different elements to come together to get a really sound idea set on stone. I worked off this idea and decided that the elements of creativity you need good ideas and hard work. The ball idea kept buzzing in my mind i came to the idea of conkers. You can have many ideas and lots of hard work before something amazingly creative will emerge.  So i drew out this idea of two balls (one of ideas and one of work) bouncing and swinging into a conker, the conker finally breaks and your great ideas spill from within.

I kept working with this idea that these elements are needed and started thinking about how mechanisms in a watch work. They all have to work in sync to get a working watch. They have to fit and work with each other and so i drew out mechanisms, one representing ideas, one representing work and the other, creativity.  I liked this idea and drew out some other ideas with the same principle using jigsaw pieces and building blocks.

Scan 4 Scan 5

Megan and Katie came up with the idea of a post it note that would fold itself into something new. We took each others to work with and see if we could develop them further. I came up with an idea that could be a moving graphic or work well as a animated short film. Its the story of a post it note who had become a little tired of being a post it note, and so he decided to change. He folded and folded and folded until he resembled a little, cute, origami styled cat. He soon became sad because no one wanted to use him as a cat and he got very lonely. He decided he needed to change again, so he un folds into a crinkly version of his original self, but someone used him and he realised it was better to help with Creative Elements than to be one.

Scan 3

As i was reading and scanning through my copy of ‘The Illusion of Life’ by Ollie Johnson and Frank Thomas  I was looking at a page about bringing inanimate objects to life and it illustrated how you can make a little sack of flour have so many emotions and expressions that you could believe that he’s human. You could see which sack represented wich emotion and this brought Megan and Hannah into another idea entirely.

Scan 10 Scan 11

They came up with an idea of using hats to express different feelings, emotions and expressions with design and colour. For example, white was neutral and good, which is why i decided to illustrate this using a judges wig. Yellow was optimism  and positive ideas and i decided to give this character a funny immature hat with silly eyes. Black was for judgement and someone with a dark side. We had discussed a top hat and it made me think of Judge Doom from the film ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ so i decided to give my character a long distinguished face.  Red was for emotion and sharing feelings so i decided to add elements of happiness and beauty such as butterflies, flowers and feathers.  Green is for creativity, possibilities and alternatives and blue is for management and someone who may like to lay low.

We decided for Creative Elements we were going to focus on the post it note idea and for the Design Presentation Reporting theme we are going to focus on the hats idea. We will begin working on finishing designs for it over this weekend and begin creating the finished designs and presentation on Tuesday.

Get to Know Me.


Name: Emma

Nickname(s): Midge, Midget, Emo…
Gender: Female.
Age: 20
Birthday: October 16th
Hometown: Cookstown
Current Town: Belfast


Favorite Color(s): red, green, pink..
Least Favorite Color: grey or brown..or something else dull.
Favorite Food: Steak! or spaghetti…or prawns…or chicken…ALL THE FOOD!
Least Favorite Food: Mushrooms.
Favorite Band/Artist: Blink182/ Mcfly
Least Favorite Band/Artist: ummm i cant deal with screamo. 
Favorite Type of Movie: comedy, but i do love documentary films.
Least Favorite Type of Movie: Thrillers
One thing you can’t get enough of: tea
One thing you hate more than anything: Bitches, which seems to be a lot of the girls in my age group.


Are you single? Nope
Do you have a crush on anyone right now? Does your boyfriend still count as a crush?
Do you flirt a lot? Ha, no. Im awkward and shy when i first meet people. 
Sweetest thing you’ve ever gotten: Niall got me front row seats for Mcfly.
Do you believe in love at first sight? No, i believe in attraction but not love.

Do you fall in love fast? I try not too. Im always afraid of getting hurt.
Do you ever make the first move? If i have drink in me, im a first move ninja…or so i thought :L
Do you want to get married? Some day…maybe 


A daydreamer? Most definitely 
Shy? at first, once i get talking though, good luck shutting me up.
Talkative? Very in the right company.
Energetic? ha. 
Happy? I try to be. A lot happier than i have been for a long time to be fair. 
Depressed? At times. Everyone deals with shit. 
Caring? extremely 
Trustworthy? yes. 
Confident? Not at all, but i really am trying to build some confidence.
Friendly? very, if people are friendly to me ill be your best friend.
Sarcastic? at times.
Dependable? Most of the time. I would hate to let anyone down.
Adaptable? —Ah. Depends but for the most part, yes.
Emotionally strong? im an emotional wreck for the most part, but yes, i would say im definitely strong.
Religious? Nope.
Indecisive? When it comes to food, yes.
Outgoing? only with friends
Nosy? yeah, terribly. Not gonna lie. 
Lazy? I can be, but who has the time?
Artistic? extremely 
Serious? Sometimes.
Thoughtful? very.
Considerate? too considerate. 
Romantic? i try, but for the most part id say no.
Obsessive? I can be.
Sincere? yes.
Tolerant? Im tolerant of other tolerant people. 

Week Zero

I successfully finished ‘week zero’, my first week studying Bdes Hons Animation at University of Ulster, Belfast. I Thoroughly enjoyed it and had a lot more fun than i had expected. I worked in a team of four, two second years, (Aodhan and Matthew) myself and another first year (Julie). We set out to create a toy aimed at 35-45 year olds and in doing this learnt the correct thought process to make a product.

We began by thinking through the different problems and difficulties people of this age group have and came up with many good and a little bit crazy ideas such as

  • A towel that dries your hair whilst on your head
  • Spray on trousers (the ultimate skinny jeans)
  • one tablet that contains all needed vitamins
  • a sonar fishing rod
  • a knife that contains butter, jam etc in the handle

and many more, in fact in the end we had over 140 ideas on paper. Somehow we had to get these many ideas down to just five great ideas. With some serious voting from our team we decided on these five items.

  1. A carpet alarm clock
  2. a fridge backpack.
  3. Digital wallpaper
  4. An App that organises your bills
  5. An ultimate fried breakfast maker.

We brought in two other teams to vote on the final five and our winning idea was the Ultimate fried breakfast maker.

So we set to work designing a breakfast maker and deciding on all the elements it should have. We decided on a toastie maker like idea with several heated plates to cook each item on. We then decided that the plates needed to be able to heat to different levels, so we added a switch to each plate so you can control the heat from low, medium and high. This idea meant we could make a runny egg and still have crispy bacon.

We then came across the issue of bread. Plates cant toast bread, the most that would do is burn it on one side, and so we decided to include a toaster into the bottom of the design so you can have a toasted fried sandwich or have a normal bread sandwich, the choice is yours.

We then looked at other ideas we had dismissed to see if we could include any of their elements into this product, we soon realised the butter knife was perfect. This is a knife that can contain butter, jam, nutella, peanut butter (anything!) in the handle and when a little pressure and a button is pushed the correct substance will slide onto the blade of the knife.

Our final issue with our product was the look of it. We didn’t want it to close like a conventional toastie maker as that would squash the egg etc, we didn’t want it to be boxy like a microwave either. We realised it needed to be something that people wont mind having sitting on their kitchen work top. We decided to work with smooth, rounded shapes to give a clean, chic finish. When it came to discussing colour we all had different ideas, some of us thought white was the best option, others thought chrome or black. In the end we decided that it could be produced in many colours from pink to blue to black.  In our product design drawing we decided to make the design red with some grey areas.

On Friday it was time to present our finished product, i am normally terrified at public speaking, but by the end of the week everything seemed a lot more comfortable and i was able to talk to the class calmly and clearly.

I loved this project and and i am very excited to progress with all the projects this course entails.

fry maker