The Owners Items

Over the past fortnight we have been focusing on getting all assets fully designed, modelled and textured. I was asked to make an asset list that considers everything that might need to be in the scene. So i made a Word Doc that list’s everything i could possibly think of.  This involved things we might not have thought about that would be at Hank the turtles eye view, and things the owner might have lying about the apartment like keys, wallet, headphones etc.

Once all these things were established i began modelling the owners items. I modelled a cap, headphones, wallet, money, phone etc. Once happy, i also UV Unwrapped them and textured them.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 09.55.06.png


Once these were completed and finalised, we got a few second years to model some assets to speed up the process, once this was done they were sent to me and i UV Unwrapped and Textured these as well.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 10.54.14


All of these items have been intentionally textured with limited detail. After realising we had previously ‘over textured’ models, we decided that our scene looks much better with models that are simple in colour and more look/style is added in Maya with Renderman to give the correct effect such as glossiness, shine, roughness, reflection, light bounce etc. All of this is added when in Maya.

Doing this helps keep our style much closer to how the concepts have been designed and much closer to the look of films by ‘Illumination Entertainment’. This is great as we have previously stated multiple times that this was our style goal.


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