What’s Next?

So… thats it. I am officially finished University. So whats next?

Well, something i don’t talk about too much on my blog is that i have a major heart condition. I had my last surgery when i was 11 and it has done me very well, but as the years go on it has declined and so at the end of this year i am having two surgeries.

My recovery time in 2004 was a few months, and it will be the same this time. Due to this fact, i don’t want to go out now and start working for a studio and when i’m a few months into it say “hey i’m away for a few months, bye!” i am always feeling tired and struggling to get work done, i don’t want to start my professional life this way. I would much rather wait and begin when i am at the best health i can be, and can produce the best work i can.

So for now, whats the plan? Sit around and wait? HELL NO.

I am an artist and illustrator at heart. It’s what i enjoy doing, and its probably what i am best at. Through the past few years i have gotten the odd commission to do paintings of peoples pets etc and sold some water colour illustrations also.  So i am turning this into a business.

The Crafty Cat

I want to do all things craft (paint, draw, design, tapestry etc) and so i wanted the word ‘craft’ in my business name somewhere. My name is Emma Catherine, and it was my close friend Mark Lisk who said “What about the crafty cat?” and i was sold. Being an animal lover as well, it was perfect.  I got straight to work designing a logo.

I knew straight away i wanted the logo to be a cat. Due to my dear love of water colour painting, i came up with this…


I simply took a basic cat silhouette from google and then started playing around with splats of colour with my paints, I combined them and made this, and for once, i actually love it. It embodies everything about me and my designs. Colourful, playful, delicate and usually involving an animal.

For the font i knew i wanted something quite natural, but since my own handwriting is pretty rubbish, i found this for free on Dafont.com and i think its perfect. It is called ‘Jellyka- Estrya’s Handwriting‘.

Although ‘The Crafty Cat’ has not been announced to the public yet, everything has been set in motion. I have made a Facebook Page…

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 15.53.37

And an Instagram Account…

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 15.55.00

Although as you can see, both of these are empty as i don’t want to start uploading to them until i have announced the business and the pages are ‘live’ so to speak.

I have also ordered business cards, once these arrive i will officially be ready to roll…

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 14.52.31Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 14.52.38

Even though this venture has barely begun, i am very excited and hopeful for the future. If it goes well i will eventually start an  Etsy store too.


My Illustrations

Making a story book involved a lot of drawings and even more painting. I spent a lot of time creating them, and really enjoyed it.

However, sadly during this time my grandmother took very ill which meant a lot of time was spent away from work and spent with her in her final days. Sadly, my granny passed away on Christmas Eve morning.  I will miss her deeply and i am truly glad i was able to go spend time with her rather than miss out from doing work at home.

This news meant i took a good week or more off of work.

Before my grannies dementia and illness progressed, she was a very talented water colour artist. She was the reason that i became so enthusiastic about art, and so i thought it was a great way to say goodbye to her and deal with the grief.

Below are all of my paintings…

Learning how to Storyboard shots.

After we presented our animatics and storyboards, our tutor wanted us to think more about each important movement in pose to pose actions. We were shown a short clip from the 1977 film ‘The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh’. He showed us a 40 second clip of Piglet getting swooped up by a leaf and being blown away, only to bump into Pooh bear. He let us watch this clip about 4-5 times and then gave us the sound clip from that piece of film. Without being able to see the film any more we had to draw out the storyboard for that piece of film, determining what happens when by the sound clip we were given.  I have to say, i absolutely loved this exercise, it was fun and helpful.

We began by practicing drawing Pooh Bear and Piglet. Here are some quick sketchbook sketches.

20131124_154025 20131124_154029



We drew out rectangular boxes in our sketchbooks and began drawing what we could picture in our minds from what we had earlier watched. The clip began with leaves being blown and one large leaf being center screen.



We see Piglet sweeping away leaves outside his house when the wind momentarily lifts him from the ground.




The large leaf lifts piglet and blows him away for quite a while until he finally bumps into Pooh Bear and the leaf blows away.




Piglet continues to get blown away by the wind and Pooh slowly follows whilst watching.




Piglet gets lifted higher into the sky by the wind and Pooh sleepily continues to watch.






Pooh jumps up at the last minute and grabs piglets scarf, it begins to unravel and Piglet continues to be blown in the sky, getting higher and higher.




The scarf unravels until Piglet is holding onto the last piece of the unraveled thread. We see a final shot looking down at Pooh to explain how high up Piglet is.





This story happens for about 40 seconds of film and it took me about 45 story board drawings to depict. As you can see here i have only shown a few.

After i did this i decided that i had enjoyed it so much that i would extend on practicing the characters.  I wanted to show in my sketchbook the films style and use of colour, here is a little water colour painting i did of Piglet outside his home in the big oak tree.




I did these little drawings of Pooh bear in different poses using copic markers.


I really enjoyed drawing Piglet, probably as i got to draw him so much throughout so decided to do many different piglet poses and then added colour using Copic Markers.



I really enjoyed this project and would like to do something like this again in the future.