Curriculum Vitae

As part of the module, we needed to make a new CV,  this is something i’ve never been particularly good at. But after seeing Greg’s presentation, it gave me more of an idea of how i wanted i to create it.

I didn’t want it to be a plain written word document like most CV’s, we are going into a creative industry, but i also didn’t want to make it overly creative and colourful, thus taking away from the professionalism. This is what i came up with…



The Look

I wanted to keep it crisp and clean without adding in to many ‘mad’ colours. I decided to go with a simple white and grey. I am very into the ‘rose gold’, ‘copper’ look at the moment, and even incorporated it into my business cards. So i decided to bring it into my CV also.

I made four columns, Bio, Education, Employment and Skills.


With my bio i wanted to keep it short and sweet. I basically used an edited down version of the bio i had written for the Website.


Education was another thing i wanted to keep short and sweet, i only mentioned education that applied to the career i want to pursue, thus only mentioning this like art and design etc. I also only went as far back as A Levels.


Although my employment within the industry is limited, i do have experience that was very successful, so i wanted to highlight that so that employers see that i’m more than just a recent graduate. I do have experience.


With skills i just wanted to mention certain skills and personality traits that make me an ideal person to work within the industry. I didn’t want to go into to much detail, but just enough for the reader to understand why these skills are beneficial.


Rather than make the generic list of Softwares have experience using, i decided to put them on the side of my CV in a star based system.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 14.29.35

I personally feel that mentioning that i can used basic softwares such as MS Word is redundant, instead i have only mentioned Softwares that a studio would want to know i have experience in, i have used a star system to mark how experienced i am within using each of them. I have tried to be pretty honest with my reviewing of my own skills.

I wanted to include a photo of myself in the CV as it makes it more personal, and i personally think its nice when going for an interview and having an idea of what a person looks like.  I also added basic contact details such as my phone number and website. I downloaded basic logo’s in vector image form, and made them the same ‘copper/rose gold’ look. I feel that it all ties in well.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 14.36.07



Animating Hank


When deadlines are 3 days away and there is still a small amount of shots to have animation fixes, there is no other option but to let the girl who can’t animate, get stuck in too.

Since first year, i have known i am not animator. I do not have the skill, patience or acting ability. My strengths lie within things like Concept art, character design, modelling and texturing.  In fact, other than making a camera move, i don’t think i have done any 3D animation since 2nd year. But nonetheless, duties call.

Luckily, my group also know and understand that animation is not one of my strengths. So Niamh sent me a basic walk cycle of Hank walking towards a tennis ball. My task was to give his face some emotion and expression. So that is what i have attempted to do.

In this piece of animation we wanted Hank to be moving so slowly that he actually looks down at his foot to watch as it lifts and drops back to the ground, and i feel that i managed to make him glance down and slowly move his head to the foot and back up to his natural pose quite successfully. (as successfully as a basic movement by a novice can be anyway) However, after this is where i struggled.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 15.37.40

Once he goes back to his natural pose, i wanted to show his expression change to explain that he has noticed the ball. I made his eyelids lift extremely wide, this gave the impression that his eyes actually enlarged. His mouth then slowly opens in a comical manner. I think this is…ok. But its the best i could achieve.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 15.41.30

Where i really struggled, came next. I wanted to show Hank look at the camera, and have his eyes quickly dart back and forth to the ball, to give the audience an idea of what he wants to do. However, my issue here was that because our turtle is in fact a turtle, thus PAINFULLY slow.  Do you animate the eyes moving as slow as his body moves? or animate them as normal?  Even when i animated it both ways, neither looked right to me.


After this part of the walk cycle it was back to basic walking, so i simply added it a few mouth movements and blinks. I also gave a slight rotation to the shell as his feet lift and drop. I am not happy with my animation, but i know its the best i can do under my time limit and limited practice.

Hank Walking


To turn on Denoise go to…

render settings> renderman> denoise> choose frame or cross frame

Choosing Frame

Frame will automatically apply the settings needed. Since it is applied as a processing tool, you are required to batch render. It does not support interactive rendering.

Choosing Cross Frame

Cross Frame is better suited for animation sequences. Filtering takes into account the pixels from frames before and after the frame currently being rendered.

In the image below you can clearly see the difference denoising can make. Left being before, and right before after it has been applied.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 13.16.11


Modelling the Apartment

Once we had decided on what we wanted visually from the apartment, Shelley and i began modelling it whilst Nathan modelled the turtle and Niamh revamped our animatic.

I modelled the majority of the living room as you can see below, there is a Television, coffee table, tv Stand, sofa, lamp, game console, dvd player, games, dvd’s, vase, books and small details like a paper cup.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.29.12Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.29.40

I am pleased with the sofa as i find it looks like the concept i originally drew.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.30.11


Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.30.26

I tried to keep most things as low poly as possible without losing the integrity of the model. However, if needed the polycount could be upped as everything has been kept pretty basic.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.32.20

Live Action Compositing

In our film we want the Turtle character to watch the TV, we thought it could look nice to have a live action advertisement on the TV, we got the inspiration for this idea from Disney Pixar’s ‘Wall-e‘.


None of the group has done this before, however Nathan says he has a small amount of knowledge and experience with this.

This could be done using Nuke or After Effects, the links below show some tutorials and explanations how this could be done and achieved successfully in our film.

Live Action in Nuke

How to make After Effects Compositing look good.

How To Seamlessly Integrate CG and Live Action

Learning Z-Brush

After learning and struggling how to UV Map i decided to learn Z-Brush as i had found out from researching that if you export your model from maya and import it into Z-brush, you can then unflatten the model and get Z-brush to create the UV Map for you, then export model and map separately, paint the map and import the model into maya and assign the newly painted texture/material to the model. I found this so much easier and was able to paint the textures for the entire film this way.

Here are some of the painted textures before assigned onto the models

blaines head uv map painted little rocks paint main head rigged needs painted texture snapshot other texrure for blaines models

volcano uvs 001

Mark Lisk and i stayed in uni for a whole weekend and i got all the textures painted and assigned into the film, we were then able to start preparing to animate on the Monday.