Contacting Industry Professionals

As part of the module we were to make contact with industry professionals, i contacted many people. 3 have gotten back to me. They are…

Jonathan Temples

A Freelance Studio owner based in Belfast with over 20 years in graphic design, Illustration, animation, storyboarding and branding.

Martin Kenny

An experienced freelance graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist.


Shaun Absher

A sculptor and modeller for Disney, having worked on films such as ‘Frozen‘, ‘Big Hero 6‘ and ‘Moana‘.

Each of these lovely guys have gotten back to me and received their unique questions. As of yet i have not received the answered questions, but they will be posted as soon as i receive them.

Since i am without questions thus far i have linked below, two interviews i did last semester with women who work in the industry, discussing sexism and inequality with the industry. These women are…

Joanna Romersa

A graphic and digital artist who is employed by Walt Disney Television Studios. She has gained notoriety for her efforts as an animator and animation director for various movies and television series such as ‘Lady & the Tramp‘ and ‘A Pup Named Scooby Doo‘.

Rachel Creaner

Graduated from Ulster University in 2016. Now an Assistant Art Director at ‘Paper Owl Films’

Joanna Romersa Interview

Rachel Creaner Interview


Get to Know Me.


Name: Emma

Nickname(s): Midge, Midget, Emo…
Gender: Female.
Age: 20
Birthday: October 16th
Hometown: Cookstown
Current Town: Belfast


Favorite Color(s): red, green, pink..
Least Favorite Color: grey or brown..or something else dull.
Favorite Food: Steak! or spaghetti…or prawns…or chicken…ALL THE FOOD!
Least Favorite Food: Mushrooms.
Favorite Band/Artist: Blink182/ Mcfly
Least Favorite Band/Artist: ummm i cant deal with screamo. 
Favorite Type of Movie: comedy, but i do love documentary films.
Least Favorite Type of Movie: Thrillers
One thing you can’t get enough of: tea
One thing you hate more than anything: Bitches, which seems to be a lot of the girls in my age group.


Are you single? Nope
Do you have a crush on anyone right now? Does your boyfriend still count as a crush?
Do you flirt a lot? Ha, no. Im awkward and shy when i first meet people. 
Sweetest thing you’ve ever gotten: Niall got me front row seats for Mcfly.
Do you believe in love at first sight? No, i believe in attraction but not love.

Do you fall in love fast? I try not too. Im always afraid of getting hurt.
Do you ever make the first move? If i have drink in me, im a first move ninja…or so i thought :L
Do you want to get married? Some day…maybe 


A daydreamer? Most definitely 
Shy? at first, once i get talking though, good luck shutting me up.
Talkative? Very in the right company.
Energetic? ha. 
Happy? I try to be. A lot happier than i have been for a long time to be fair. 
Depressed? At times. Everyone deals with shit. 
Caring? extremely 
Trustworthy? yes. 
Confident? Not at all, but i really am trying to build some confidence.
Friendly? very, if people are friendly to me ill be your best friend.
Sarcastic? at times.
Dependable? Most of the time. I would hate to let anyone down.
Adaptable? —Ah. Depends but for the most part, yes.
Emotionally strong? im an emotional wreck for the most part, but yes, i would say im definitely strong.
Religious? Nope.
Indecisive? When it comes to food, yes.
Outgoing? only with friends
Nosy? yeah, terribly. Not gonna lie. 
Lazy? I can be, but who has the time?
Artistic? extremely 
Serious? Sometimes.
Thoughtful? very.
Considerate? too considerate. 
Romantic? i try, but for the most part id say no.
Obsessive? I can be.
Sincere? yes.
Tolerant? Im tolerant of other tolerant people.