Sketching out Poses.

Now that the group has discussed, we have decided to do a mock up design of all the cards in full colour which we will later finalize with the typography included. We are doing 4 cards each, i’m doing Octavia Human, Octavia Octopus, Yukky and Minion 5 which i have renamed Mingility as he is the minion of Agility.

Here are some very rough sketches i did in my sketchbook.

20131216_125519 20131216_125526 20131216_132152 20131216_132158 20131216_132203 20131216_132222


Adding Colour to Character Design.

I originally designed characters in pencil on a sketchbook or in tonal using SketchbookPro. Here are two i have quickly changed with colour. I plan to detailed paintings using the colours chosen.


Creature Development

After focusing on the shark idea we decided to move along to other creatures and i did some work based on the squid and whale. Whilst working on these i realized i could express and portray emotion and characteristics based on how the character looks and stands alone. Here are some of the images.