Making the product more interactive by allowing kids to submit their work!

With out top trump card idea, we had decided to make a webpage so that the kids could watch their characters fight online using the data on their cards. We also thought it would be alot more fun if the kids could create and draw their own characters with back story. I decided to try this out by getting my boyfriends little brothers and sisters to design some characters and give them a little back story.

Once they drew the characters i transformed them into top trump cards by adding colour and making them look professional without losing their childish imperfections.

Here are the kids original drawings.

1483604_672806319425759_1763029958_n 1492937_672807549425636_357352558_n


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and here are my the cards i designed using their pieces of art.

bananaman fianl madhatter swan final mr pickle final pajama lady final potatoe man final superlion card1


the idea would be for the kids to draw their character with a little information about the character and they could either post it to us or email it via the website. We would then create these styles of cards with them. The child would receive their card in the post and 40 more of their card would be produced and randomly placed in new packs so that other kids will have their character and viceversa.

My boyfriends little brothers and sisters got very excited when i showed them the cards and thought it was ‘soooo coool’ and asked if they could do more, so i do think it would work successfully as a product.