Finding a Soundtrack

One of the main worries we have all had in the back of our minds,  was our film’s soundtrack. In our original animatics we had used the song ‘Best Friend” by Harry Nilsson.  However, we were told this song could not be used unless we got the rights.

I did some research and contacted the production company explaining we wished to use it for a non profit, non commercial, student project, and they got back to me telling me we could use the song…for £250. So that was a hard pass.

Over the past weeks i have spent a little time researching free music and sounds, which is hard when a lot of them just don’t suit. In the end i stumbled across a fantastic website, At ‘Bensound’ i ended up finding 3-4 options that could have worked and in the end we all knew that the song “Jazz Comedy” was the winner.

Jazz ComedyScreen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.48.39




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