End Credits

We have discussed for a while that we want our end credits to tie in with our Movie Poster. The movie poster can be seen below…




We aim to have this same white background in our end credits, the text will roll down the screen whilst Hank is moving about the screen dancing, trying to get a bone etc. We have took inspiration from the end credits of (one of my all time favourite shows) Bobs Burgers.

Bobs Burgers “Boyz 4 Life” End Credits

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 14.37.41

Although we have not made our end credits yet, i took some rendered images that Shelley made and used them to create a false end credits image, so that we could see what it looked like, and understand the look we want to achieve.

Look 1.  This was my original idea, i liked the idea of the credits running down the centre of the screen as credits traditionally do. Whilst Hank appears from both sides of the a screen doing different things, such as fetching a bone etc.


Look 2. This looks inspiration was directly pulled from ‘Bobs Burgers’ as can be seen in the beginning of this post.  The image (or piece of animation) is to the left of the screen, whilst the credits roll down the right hand side.


Look 3. After showing the first two looks to Shelley and Niamh, they suggested that it may look nicer to move the text to the left, and have Hank come slowly creeping onto the screen from the right. A few weeks ago when we first got our Hank rig, Shelley decided to make a comical small piece of animation with Hank dancing, we are considering fixing up this piece of animation and having it play whilst the credits roll.


I enjoy each of these credit ideas and am pleased that we have kept with a clean and simple idea. I feel it reflects Hanks intentions and the simplicity of our story.



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