The Final Animatic

Today we presented our final animatic, as in just two more weeks, we will be handing in our final film.

At this moment in time we have a lot of animation done, but no animation is completely final, and most still needs a lot of work. However, within the next week of hard work i don’t see this as being our biggest worry, i know we can do it and achieve it.

Our biggest worry at the moment is our scene has a lot of noise (which has finally been fixed in the past 24 hours)  and it takes a lot of time to render. Whilst Niamh and Shelley focus on animation, i will be focusing on researching baking lights, shadows and ambient occlusion.

Once i understand what i am doing, i will implement this research and add in our ‘god lights’ through the window from After Effects. This will effectively give us a much shorter render time.

Hank Animatic


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