Reducing Noise in Renderman

Now that we are finalising scenes and completing animation, we need to make sure that the scenes are at the best render quality they can be. We have realised that some of our shots have quite a bit of noise, so i have done some research to try and solve the issue.

To help reduce noise in Renderman use tools like…

  • AOV’s
  • Sampling and Integrator Choices
  • Statistics Output

After doing some research i have discovered that our main noise issue is Uniform Monte- Carlo (MC) Noise and High Variance Noise. 

We can reduce the render time by….

  • Reducing the number of Pixels: either render at a lower res or by using crop regions
  • Keeping polycount as low as possible
  • Reducing the number of samples: improve areas hard to sample or lower the target quality
  • Spend time choosing Pixel Variance . Rendertime increases with decreasing Pixel Variance. Find one that is of acceptable quality without blowing up your rendertime. Have at roughly 0.01 or larger.
  • Set minSamples and maxSamples to 16
  • Can help to change sub surface scattering to a Diffuse as this should give less noise


Applying denoiser to a very noisy area can result in blurred details. This is why it is best to only apply denoiser once all these previous steps have already been taken.


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