Movie Poster Inspiration

When we found out we had to make a movie poster, as a group we had all the same idea in mind. Looking at recent animated comedies, they tend to have one thing in common, a white background.

This is not to say that we are only wanting to follow a trend, as can be seen below in “Minions” (2015), “Lilo and Stitch” (2002) and “Chicken Little” (2005). But there is a reason trends become trends, they work!

Our movie does not have a complicated story arc or deep and emotional stand point, it is a light hearted comedy about a turtle named Hank who wants to be a dog. Simple.

It does not need to some need piece of composition that can be read into to find the deeper meaning, it does not need black and white or colours that express emotions. All it needs is  a cute and quirky high resolution render of our main character, a funny catchphrase, a title font, and we are set.

A few weeks ago Nathan rendered out an image of Hank we liked, i have placed it into a basic poster design. This is not the final poster, a nicer higher resolution Hank will be rendered, and a more appealing font will be found and decided on. The image below simply gives us an idea of what we are going for.



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