Presentation Feedback

  • Remove Newspaper gag, add more ball gags, or something new
  • Lighting is great and approved, tank needs to be seen more though as eyes are drawn to the sofa instead of the turtle tank
  • swap the desk and tank around, also potentially move window
  • Yes to the creative style, apartment looks great. No more models required
  • Consider quicker cuts
  • find free sound with same slow monotone beat, animate to it
  • Look at Kevin Macloud for free sounds
  • lyrics that help the story, help us
  • most animation needs done as soon as possible and sent to Alec or Conann for feedback
  • Watch Daffy Duck and look at how he has teeth only when he needs teeth
  • Look at the worms from the game “Worms” look at their facial expressions

Overall we got pretty positive feedback. I do feel like the lecturers have the faith in us that we can pull this off with their guidance, tips and advice.

What we now need to put our efforts into is…

  • Give the turtle teeth and eyelids
  • Check the rig can work as we need it too. E.g head can go into body etc
  • get matte painting done
  • reorganise apartment
  • get animating!

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