Updated Animatic

Turtle Animatic

Today, Tuesday 14th March we presented our updated animatic. The animatic is now fully 3D and was put together by Niamh with the song “best friend”. I feel our animatic has come a long way in the past few weeks and is now much closer to the film we envisioned.

The type of slow and painful humour we want to achieve is readable and successful within the animatic, our next task will be making sure this also works when it comes to animating the turtle in these gags in the final film.

Our main criticisms of the film are to remove the shots of the clock, and to only have the turtle in the owners arms at the end of the film. I felt quite uneasy that this was the only feedback we got, but we were told that no feedback is good feedback. This has made me feel much more positive about the film and that if we pull it off, we will have a good film if we can animate the turtle successfully and edit and time out the film correctly.


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