Quick Apartment Sketches

I had originally said i wanted the designs to be very smooth and soft shaped, however it took me a little while to realise i went too literal in that sense, and things were looking too feminine. I then looked mens apartments within animation to get inspiration. I decided on this sofa design, it has harsher shapes that previous designs but still has soft look to it within the arms and back of the sofa.




I wanted to make sure this apartment conveyed that a man lived there, i added (perhaps in a sexist manner) things like a games console, open disc cases, cups not on coasters, a plant sitting on top of books etc. I wanted to create a cluttered but warm and lived in look.


Since the living and kitchen area are one big open area, i realised i needed to design it too, i didn’t want to over complicate it with any fancy designs, and didn’t want to look to clean or spotless. I decided it was best to visually show this by adding clutter, such as a pot on the stove, dirty dishes in the sink and on the counter tops.


I also began shading the kitchen image also.



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