Apartment Layout

As our film is based in an apartment for its entirety, we realised a good apartment design was needed.

I began by looking at animated films based in apartments such as ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ and also looked at films by “Illumination Entertainment’ as we really liked the smooth and contrasting shapes they use within their designs.

Then i realised that there wasn’t much point designing things to go into the apartment until we worked out the shape of the apartment, and what needs to be seen and not seen. I began by sketching out Birds Eye Views of apartment idea’s.

I originally drew this out as i like the idea of an open living/kitchen area, i drew the rest of the apartment only to realise that the film will fully take place only in the living room/kitchen area, so the rest is not needed.


In the end we decided on the design below, only we are changing the bookcase to a computer desk.



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