Keeping Turtles as Pets

Over the years turtles have decreased in popularity, to the extent that i do not know anyone that owns one. This is because turtles spread diseases such as salmonella  which can affect young children, the elderly, pregnant women and those with a lower immune system. Because of this turtles are rarely even sold anymore. Especially if they are under 4 inches in size.

After looking into this further, i have found that if taken care of properly and proper hygiene is carried out, owning a turtle should really cause many problems. The problem is, most homeowners would choose a cat or rabbit or something that won’t have these extra health issues to begin with.

More information can be found in the following link…

Turtles kept as Pets

Reasons not to get a turtle

Time to set all this information aside…

In our story, the homeowner, has a turtle as a pet regardless of the information above. In our film we need to show the turtle in the house but also in a cage/aquarium. This is important to the narrative and story so that the audience knows this a turtle with  a loving owner who gives him the care he needs.





Looking into turtle cages has shown two main point, they need a lot of water space, and only a small amount of land, and they can be personally customised in anyway you want. This will become very interesting once  concepts begin to be produced.

Turtles eat anything from fruit and veg to insects and mice, so it would be a nice touch in the film to show a full fruit bowl in the kitchen, and mini selection placed in the turtles cage for him to nibble on.



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