Artistic Ambition

As mentioned before, we all like the idea of the film having a ‘toon’ look like “The boy who learned to fly” and “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker”.


After discussing this, Niamh came across an animated short called “June”. It is a beautiful film that tells a very heart warming story about an elderly woman who becomes a taxi driver and becomes known in her community.

June: Life is better when you share the ride

June: Behind the scenes/ The Making of

The story is irrelevant, however, the design, look and style of this film is something we would love to achieve.

That is not to say that we want to ‘steal’ or ‘rip off’ this style exactly, rather than that we want to pull inspiration from this look and transfer it into our own designs.


What i am most interested in from looking at this film isn’t the character design, but the design on her home. It is built out of a lot of sharp lines and contrasting light and shadow. The shot composition is also something i want to take note of, when it comes to laying out our apartment.

What we need to consider is ‘Why is the camera positioned where it is?’ and ‘Why is each item in the shot? Does it add to the story and narrative? If it doesn’t, should it even be there?’  These are questions i need to keep asking myself throughout the design stages of making our film.


What i also love about this film is the use of light and how it opens up the scene. It leads your eye directly to the character or whatever it is that the audience should be focusing on.  The casting shadow going across Junes body is also something to point out for when applying the same idea to our turtle character.


The shot above is nothing less than beautiful. The first time i saw this shot i immediately said to myself “this is what i want to achieve.” perhaps not in this exact style, but the layout and composition is a great visualisation of what i have been imagining in my head for our film.

After watching “June: Behind the scenes” I found out that Junes apartment is based in the South Side of Chicago, she lives a lonely existence and this is represented from the things around her in her home. The colour is dull and not very vibrant, and there is little to no light.

The style of the film is described as a “moving illustration”  and “Flat and stylised, but fully dimensional”. These are comments i need to take on board when creating our environments.


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