Final Major Project

Team: Emma (me), Niamh Cunningham, Shelley Marshall & Nathan Nicholson

Creating a Story 

In the first number of days we were playing with the idea of a story with a racoon and a story with a turtle. In the end we decided that the turtle story made more sense, and although simplistic, had a point and a lot of heart.

The basic idea is that our turtle character see’s an advert on TV about how dogs are a mans best friend, this leads him to decide he wants to be a dog. The film carries on from their in comical montage of the turtle trying to do things like a dog would, only much slower, clumsier and much more comical. Example, Turtle tries to pee against a flower pot and begins to pee before his leg begins to lift, once the leg is fully up, he loses his balance and falls over onto his shell.

We took inspiration from the Secret life of Pets, and i even drew a concept based on it…




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