Character Movement

As previously mentioned, our character is a turtle, and his goal and dream is to be a dog. This does not change the fact he is a turtle. Therefore, even though he going to be attempt dog actions and poses, it is still a very slow, clunky turtle.

This is were our gags come into play, we want to show the turtle doing many different activities such as…

  • peeing against a flower pot, the joke being that he will begin peeing before he leg is even fully off the ground, and by the time his leg is fully elevated, he will have long finished peeing, then lose his balance and full fall onto his back/shell.


  • Waiting at the front door for the postman, waiting on the post to fall through the letterbox, onto for it to be a small parcel that completely knocks down the turtle


  • Going to play fetch, with very VERY slow movements in ‘running poses’, he will move maybe 1 inch, only for the ball to go flying past him in a split second.

All these gags will be played out whilst we can still hear the voice of the TV Advert saying things like “A dog will get your mail for you….a dog loves nothing more than to play fetch….No need to worry about the dog leaving a mess, they can easily do their business outside!”

We took inspiration for this from one of the first scenes in Disney Pixar’s “Up” When young Carl is pretending to be Charles Muntz, as you can see in the film linked below…

“He goes around Mount Everest”


Due to the fact our turtle is not a dog, and is in fact, a turtle, we need him to have very slow comical actions, the first thing that came to mine and Niamh’s minds is the Sloths from “Zootopia/Zooptropolis” , they are exaggerated in slowness to the point that it is so ridiculous that it is funny, this something we hope to achieve if the timing is thought out and planned correctly.

Zootopia Sloth Scene



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