Unwrapping & Texturing A Boston Taxi

When fixing our story, we realised that we needed a vehicle for the father to leave in, we decided it would make most sense for him to leave in a taxi.

Julie modelled a lovely taxi, and sent to me and i began UV unwrapping it, I unwrapped it in a day or so, i then began the task of texturing it.

Texturing the car was not difficult, what was difficult was deciding on the colour scheme, how to make it resemble a taxi and how to make it clear that it was a ‘Boston’ taxi.


I enjoyed texturing this as it was fun to decide the small details such as the number plate as we called our team ‘V for Pinata’ so i put the number plate down as ‘0V4P 01’ . It was also nice to add details such as scratches, bumps and mud, i the end i thought the taxi looked quite well.


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