House Concepts

From the off set of this story being planned, we knew we wanted the house to look quite ‘american’ and most likely be in a cul-de-sac. This was the first concept i did, then realised i needed to concept more rather than just jump straight into colour.


I drew out these houses, i wanted them all to have a porch area, and that was what my concepts were based around. Since the story all takes place on the porch, i knew it needed to be a large enough area to have a seating area, this is what i came up with…


Once happy with my sketches, i began shading them in grey scale, the only colour i added was the green of plants, which some of the houses have more than others.

Each house i wanted to have a different style than the other. As you can see, some have a smaller porch, some have a porch that goes the whole way around the front of the house, some have an attic window plus the second story to the house.

Some have next to no plants, and some even have greenery growing up the house, i felt these smaller details can tell a lot about what kind of people live their, and how they feel about the upkeep of a home, which makes us consider why upkeep hasn’t been kept. Money issues? Family issues? Laziness? Depression?


After sharing these concepts with the rest of the group, i got feedback on what they liked about the houses. Which one is their favourite and why? I intend to now use this information to concept a ‘Super House’.


Since the majority of the story will take place on the porch, i decided to begin concepting what the porch might look like, what the seating wiil look like etc



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