Group Agenda

Now that we have finally got our story down, and we are happy to settle with it, it was time to move onto research and concepts.

Old Mans Backstory

Tyrone is researching and creating a full backstory for the old man/grandfather. So far we know he was born in Ireland and emigrated to America , were now as an old man he lives with his daughter, her husband and their son/his grandson. We know he was a toymaker/carpenter and still likes to carve small toys as a hobby. We are currently discussing his mental state, is he a grumpy old man? Does he have dementia? etc

Little Boy Concepts 

Julie is busy drawing and doing concepts for the young boy.

Real World Concepts

I am working on the concepts of the ‘real world’ mainly the house as thats were the story will be taking place, i still need to conceptualized the street, and what surrounds the house.

Dream/Special World Concepts

Blaine is working on the designs for the dream/special world. It will  be based around wooden toys telling the story, it will be very stylized and simplistic but in a very beautiful manor.

Calendar/Time Table. Finalising Story

Niamh has taken the role of producer and management of the group and timetable.  She has made a google calendar that plans out what we will be doing each week and when deadlines will be so that we can move onto animation and rendering etc.


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