Story Changes!

After more discussions , we changed the story, after even more discussions, we changed the story again!

Here are my old storyboards i was working on until it was changed…



Now that the story has been changed again, we are going for a more modern approach with 4 characters and a beautiful wooden toy imagination scene, the story now has…


The Kid – Hero

The Elderly Man – Mentor

The Mother – Threshold Guardian (Niámh)

The Father – The Shadow (Oisin)

Shot List

Shot One Establishing Shot: Kid sitting on a swing, on the porch of his home. Sound: Two people arguing can be heard from inside the house such as, “I can’t deal with this responsibility anymore…”, “…I’m going back to my parents for a while…” The father bursts out from the front door with his suitcase in hand.

Shot Two (represents Oisin leaving Tír na nÓg) Montage of the Father slamming the boot, then the door… then he drives off into the distance

Shot Three (represents Niámh crying at Oisin’s departure) The mother appears at the door, sobbing and slams the door suit, retreating into the house.

Shot Four The kid is still sitting on the porch, confused but silent about the current situation. The front door then opens and an elderly man appears and sits behind Oisin on the Porch.

Shot Five The elderly man places his hand on Oisin’s shoulder, but Oisin does not cosy towards the man but looks in the opposite direction. The elderly man takes Oisin’s hand with the action figure in it, as if to play but begins to tell an old tale…

Shot Six “Once there was…” ***TIR NA NOG TALE*** (Special World)

Shot Seven (the moral of the story) “something’s change, that we cannot control. It isn’t anyone’s fault, but we all must find a way of picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off and keep going.” “ a lesson to remember: the grass isn’t always greener on the other side…”

Shot Eight The mother comes out from the house, gathering herself from her tears. The kid climbs from the porch swing, runs to his mother and hugs her.

The End


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