The Basic Idea

After spending some time in discussions and research with the group, we have decided on focusing on the story of Tir na nOg. However, we will be completely turning the story on its head, and making it something completely new, different and engaging.

The film will be roughly 1 and a half to 2 minutes in duration, and will have two characters, Niamh and Oisin.

In Niamhs appearance she will have big , dark hair and pale skin. We have discussed making her a mystical creature and have looked at fairies, pixies and witches.

Although we do not yet have the story fully decided, we do know the main problems and difficulties we will encounter will be working with hair and possibly fur, and are researching to solve these problems before we encounter them.

Main Objectives for Friday

  • have story and storyboard sorted. Have a new approach and something thats never been done before.
  • Have concepts of Niamh and Oisin, don’t necessarily need to be the final design.
  • Environment concepts. What type of word is it going to be? Stylised to be more simplistic but with detailed celtic designs.
  • i have mentioned inspiration from the games ‘Child of light’ and ‘Alice: Madness Returns: for environment design
  • Niamh will have dark hair, pale skin, bright blue/green eyes
  • Creature- fairy, pixie, witch, banshee, dragon, deer, stag
  • Greg likes idea of present and past and Ivanduralls concepts
  • research into shape of hair
  • Research why these stories were even told
  • Considering Oisin being pooka and Niamh being mystical creature
  • Tir na nOg- the land of youth


Traditionally, according to folklore, Niamh is blonde with long hair down to her waist. She was known to be beautiful.

In our version we intend her to have big black hair, pale skin and blue/green eyes. We had originally wanted Niamh to be  a pooka, in irish mythology this means a hobgoblin or sprite able to take on the form of various animals.

  • mystical
  • striking
  • fairy creature
  • goddess
  • feminine
  • early 20’s


In our story Oisin will be a young boy, around the age of 10, he will be an orphan  roaming the forest when the story begins, we are yet to decide what we want him to look like.

  • mischievous
  • misbehaved
  • naive
  • street smart
  • orphan

What does a 10 year old orphan do in Pagan Ireland?

  • prove himself
  • survive
  • hunt
  • plays
  • collects wood

Collects wood, gets distracted, see’s glowing gold apple on tree, takes it.


Niamh kidnaps him, why?

  • stealing youth?
  • sacrifice
  • punishment
  • spying



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