Crann na nOg

Once upon a time…

  • Oisin stumbles upon the fairy ring of Tuatha De Danann, whilst seeking fire wood.
  • He notices ‘The Tree of Youth’ (Crann na nOg)
  • Lurking in the woods, Niamh watches the intruder from afar, questioning his motives (inspiration from 2015’s Maleficent)
  • Oisin takes a golden apple from the tree, the tree withers
  • Niamh walks towards Oisin, looks unpleased
  • She holds out her hand, Oisin questions in but decides to take it
  • They walk off together into Tir na nOg. (is this inside a tree? behind a bolder? deep in the woods? a gate?
  • Time Lapse- time passes by weather changing,
  • Oisin returns, looking the same as he had done before, no older etc but is panicked.
  • We see Niamhs shape/silhouette in the background. Sinister.
  • Oisin notices the changes and that time has passed, but still spots the tree still standing
  • As he walks towards it, Niamh can be seen approaching in the background
  • He takes another golden apple, and the tree in revitalised, looking fresh and young
  • Oisin realises he has made a mistake, and sadly meets him demise (not decided how yet)
  • Niamh smirks, and returns to Tir na nOg

…The End 


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