Monday 15th Feb 12pm Meeting


-Tomorrow 10am leaving for Downpatrick and meeting Mens Shed

-Prepare questions

-throw around idea of chat show with kids interviewing St Pat

Create presentation for Mens Shed

-explain who are are

-what we do

-what we hope to get out of this project

-what we hope to give them

-get involved in their thoughts

-summarise the project

-find out what skills they have and what they would like to do with those skills


Slide 1- Animation, what is it?

Slide 2- Shot progression of Brave- Box Trolls End Credits

Slide 3- About us -includes pics-

-Slide 4- About Pats to the Future project

Slide 5- Animatic Sample

Slide 6- WE NEED YOU!

Slide 7- Any questions?


-plan workshop approx 5 hours in duration

-think of simplistic ways of doing animation

-will take place on Monday 19th Feb & Monday 7th March


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