Friday 15th 2pm Meeting

During past few days research we have found a Hot Wheels size Delorean for £5.99, however we are unsure if windows/doors open- found on ebay.


-Could have 2D Animation or comic depicting St Pat on a plane with Snakes, comic could be digital or could a ‘one picture laugh’ – i really like the idea of doing this.

-Larry showed us an info leaflet, he would like us to make one similar, with our own graphics etc, Looks simple enough and Shelley is very interested in working on this.

-Down Museum, contact them and see if we can partner up

-Hold a vote between us or online to find out wich logo design is best

-Found out that Queens have an electric delorean, through the meeting we emailed them and are awaiting a response.


St Patricks Primary School, Saul will be getting involved in our film, so we need to create an animatic to help them understand what exactly we want them to do. Needs to be done within the next two weeks.


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