Throwing Around Comedy Idea’s

One day, myself Niamh and Shelley sat around trying to think of comedy sketches that we could turn into short animations, or film live action short clips like ‘vines’, here are some of the ideas we thought of…

Man plays flute, brings snake out of pot, Paddy walks into the shot, snatches teh flute off the man and yells ‘No! No more snakes!’, and walks back out of the scene.

Man, who appears to be Gandalf, walks up to snakes, takes down his hood and reveals he is St Patrick,he then yells at snakes “you shall not pass!”

Playing off a joke from ‘Father Ted, the film will take place outside of a Reptile Shop in Belfast, St Patrick walks into the scene with a sign, he stops and takes position outside of the shop and holds up a sign, the sign reads “down with this sort of thing!”

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 20.09.01


We found this idea to be really humorous, so i drew out a quick storyboard to visualise it, we hope to film this in the following weeks.



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