Monday 11th January Meeting

Record elderly being shown a film about St Patrick, get their reactions and what they have to say.

  • have a a look into lego animation and 3D Printing
  • Research how it would be possible
  • Sand Animation
  • Art Attack Inspiration, large blown up art, with salt, sand, pebbles etc, could even be done with lots of little fake shamrocks
  • Big_Art_Attack_-_Neil's_Self_Portrait
  • keep researching animation community groups
  • think of competitions that are actually doable
  • potential musical number? even to be played during credits
  • look up ipad air prices
  • find films about St Patrick

Places we could potentially show film at

  • The Mac Building
  • Culture Night
  • Belfast Film Festival

Have different edits for different things eg, TV, Competitions, Festivals

  • Have a world or country map as as Patrick travels there have the places turn green (inspired by santa travelling around the world)
  • Make joke quoting Samuel L Jackson- Snakes on a Plane

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