First Meeting | 12pm Monday 4th January


film will be 10-12 minutes or more

film will be mixed media, not all animation.

  • voiceovers
  • book pops up- comes to life
  • process more important than end result
  • Chocolate films- look up
  • Getting people involved- excited
  • has to be entertaining
  • Title- Pats To The Future
  • Set up Base Camp to share work
  • Sarah R Doherty writing the story
  • Paper cut out stop motion
  • Behind the scenes comedy cuts
  • Make a The Making Of video
  • mixed media but story has to be clear
  • three part trilogy- before, present and after St Patrick
  • Kids will be given a minute each to explain St Patrick
  • It needs to be accurate
  • non political, non religious
  • sand animation
  • Find where the gaps are in the film
  • Get access to important people
  • storyboards, conceptualization, animatics
  • simple ideas can be most entertaining
  • McDonalds Ad with cow coming to life, perhaps an idea of how to involve childrens work
  • Loony Tunes Daffy Duck getting rubbed out scene
  • stain glass windows in the cathedral coloured by kids
  • run competitions- create posters- what you think st Patrick wuld have looked like etc
  • child safe website for sharing drawings
  • Drone planes for area footage
  • marketing, sharing regularly
  • create poster
  • line that defines project “tagline” eg Paddys Back, Whats the craic?
  • make short ‘vine’ type videos
  • create a game for the website
  • holylands on Paddys day
  • create content thats interesting to everyone
  • send out gifts like badges and stationary with #patstothefuture on them
  • draw up marketing plan with measurable targets
  • meet Sarah- writing story
  • meet groups
  • Philip & Tanya – Down Community Arts
  • Students from Queens
  • Primary School Pupils



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