9th of January Research

i stopmotion can be bought for £39.99 on Mac, however there are free similar applications for phone and ipad

Boinx.com has information on StopMotion software, if we cannot find a free software that does this, we could set up a camera and manually take each photo, then bring them into F-Check like we would after rendering images in Maya.

There is a way to use i-movie (which all macs have) that you can create stop motion films. Details are at content.photojojo.com/tutorials/stop-motion-digital-camera/

Teaching Kids

‘I Can Animate’ Software for phones and tablets is free but £20 for home computer”

  • Show short clip of Wallace and Gromit to give kids an idea
  • Put kids into groups and let them create a story with our help
  • Show how to draw basic storyboards
  • Give them Clay to model, cardboard cut outs etc
  • Show them how software works, let them play around with it to get an understanding
  • goal is for them to each create a 15 second film about St Patrick


There is an app for iPad called DoInk that allows 2d animation in a simple way, it even explains onion skinning etc, however it costs £7.99

Other Possible Softwares

  • i Stop motion
  • i-movie
  • Flipbook
  • DoInk
  • iMotion HD
  • My Stop Action
  • I Can Animate

How to Make a Website Accesable for All Ages

  • include a video on the homepage (we have already discussed this idea. Plans need to be took into action)
  • make usable on all platforms, eg computers, phones and tablets. This can be easily done using sites such as WordPress
  • Have an app, there is a site called ibuildapp.com suitable for Android and iPhone and is free to use
  • Have a FAQ page, making this makes the site look much more professional and this is always positive, this means viewers can read without feeling the need to contact us
  • Have an email with a professional address such as patstothefuture@gmail.com
  • Have a competitions page for kids ages 3+ with prizes such as pens and t-shirts
  • Have a Gallery of the childrens entries
  • Have a professional gallery with actual project work such as ad campaigns and posters
  • update often and have a comments section
  • Have a mini game or multiple such as St Patrick beating up snakes.
  • Interactive map, can travel around with illustrations, text and voice overs explaining each destination on the map
  • Have events for culture night and leading up to St Patricks day
  • Have blog articles with exciting information, updating on school visits, interaction with kids and elderly.

How to Create Interactive Map

using sites like zeemaps.com and scribblemaps.com

However, i feel that i could make this by painting/drawing out map and making buttons for each location that then open a short series of illustrations that play out with text as well as a voice over to read so that kids or people with sight and hearing impairments can still enjoy the story.This can be interactive and educational  service for all ages, but particularly kids, this will work well on a website.



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