Getting to know Scarlett

Since the game will have a lot of backstory (that even i don’t know the answer too yet) i decided to answer some questions for my character to better get to know her and her situation.

Where does you character live?

No. 2  Fairway Drive

What Cities are there?


Interesting Landmarks?

Grimsville – Where she will be taken when kidnapped

How old is your character?


What would someone notice about your character at first glance?

Her bright red hair

Are your parents still alive?

her biological parents, no. Her adoptive parents, yes. but she doesn’t know if they are when the game begins, nor does she no she is adopted.

Do you have any siblings?


Character goals?

To escape and get back home to her family

Personality quirks?

Loves animals, knows how to use a knife for many purposes

Why is your character on their adventure?

She was kidnapped by a woman who couldn’t have children and Scarlett was chosen to go with her parents instead of this woman. Years later the woman devises a plan to kill the parents and take Scarlett

Character fears?

never seeing her family again or getting away from the villain

What social class is your character from?

Normal everyday folk, both parents have jobs, she goes to a public school etc.

How has their upbringing affected their world view?

She is a kind and good person, but has a wicked side that is unleashed as the game progresses

Does your character have any heroes or inspirational figures?

her parents, and all the skills and pieces the wisdom they taught her over the years

Does your character have any significant personal items?

Her dagger, and her pocket watch with a picture of her parents inside

What is your character’s view on magic?

none, its a normal world without magic

Has your character ever crossed anyone?

No, but in the villains eyes, her parents have.

Does your character have any enemies?

the villain, but the villain loves/has an obsession with her

What are your character’s goals in life?

To get home to her family, haven’t decided on much else yet.

How important is the accumulation of wealth?

not important

Where did your character learn or train their skills?

Her dad works with wood and taught her how to carve and also how to use her dagger as as weapon, which her mum always disapproved of, but will be what will save her throughout the game.

Some of these details such as place names are subject to change as this is an early draft of the story and plot


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