Character Design 003

i took the middle pose from my last character design sheet and began redrawing it…Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 13.28.43 final character rough edit (1)

As you can see from the before and after, the pose is the exact same, even the clothing is, but everything else is different. I decided i really loved her red shoes, but didn’t love her purple toned hair clashing with it, and so decided to change the hair to red also. The hair is the before was much to jagged and in a way semi realistic and i just wasn’t liking it, so looking at the likes of Ariel from the Little Mermaid and Cherry from Paris Christou’s Cherry Pinups series, i redrew the hair, keeping its original  shape and flow but giving it a much more sleek, voluminous and softer look.

The face was next to be changed, i realised that the face on the before looked far to semi realistic and i realised it would not look good in a 3D modelled game format, once again i took inspiration from The Little Mermaid and Cherry Pinup by giving her much larger almond shaped eyes with dark brows to frame them. Her lips i realised needed to take up more of her face, i wanted them to be big but not Angelina Jolie ‘sexy vibes’ big. So i decided to leave her top lip quite thin, with her bottom lip larger but not over dramatically big. I am quite pleased with the look.

My biggest struggle was getting the nose right ( i can hear Flynn Rider right now “They just can’t get my nose right!”). I looked at all the different disney princesses (Snow White was no help, she has a bit of a Voldemort situation) and also looked at the likes of tank girl and even Wonderwoman comics i had lying around, after much struggles and frustrations i decided to land on the round button nose you can see on my character. And finally i had made my changes…or so i thought.

As much as i was happy with the new design, i realised she still looked FAR too adult and so once again i began redrawing her proportions, looking at drawings of Rapunzel and Merida as children from my ‘The Art of’ books, this really helped.  This made me realise when drawing a child the head needs to be much larger, as do the eyes. After much drawing and undoing in photoshop, and after i finally got the arms, legs and torso to a proportion i was happy with…i had my character…

She probably needs a name.



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