Year 3 | Placement Year


Create a side scroller game using Unity and further advance skills and knowledge. If a placement is found, i intend for this to be a personal side project, if not it will be further developed with multiple levels , designs and objectives to play through.


Style will be 3D with a nostalgic 2D feel.

Style Inspiration- There are many different places inspiration came from for this idea. One being a mini game within the game ‘Alice Madness Returns’ known as the oriental scrolls.

2627626-9876855723-alice  oriental_groove___alice_madness_returns_by_flivoreux-d4qx47t

Style may develop further as levels progress. One idea i have always liked is the ‘paper cut out’ style. One level idea could have the objective being to get to the end of the level before the pencil and eraser catches the character. The idea first came to be after rewatching a looney toons episode  called ‘Duck Amuck’ that played around with the idea.

A more recent game that inspired me with both its style and gameplay is a game i got free with xbox live called ‘Child of Light’. The character Aurora and her setting, movements, colour schemes, backgrounds and everything else, is nothing less that beautiful.

child_of_light Child-of-Light-960x540 maxresdefault (1)

Looking at the backgrounds and even the character designs of the newer Rayman games such as ‘Rayman Origins’ is actually really beneficial. backgrounds are similar to a style i would wish to portray, the colour schemes within  each level and even the random characters such as bats flying off the screen have character and lovely pieces of animation.

c357236c6cf68b10e53b3506220942d5 rayman-legends-3 rayman-legends-screenshot ro_10ways_swim_19868


The gameplay, i wish to be similar to that of ‘Oriental Scrolls’ and ‘Child of Light’ as mentioned above. But also bringing inspiration from the likes of the old Rayman games, and of course the likes of Super Mario Bros. a game that sticks in my head from my childhood, was a game aimed at children starring Donald Duck called ‘Quack Attack’ Although its story and objective was all very childish, the gameplay itself was actually a lot of fun and if i could have my game achieve any of that i would feel like i have achieved something.

skip to 3.30 for actual gameplay


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