Our final week in a Studio

In our final week with Blacknorth studios, they decided to go another way (stylistically) in the project, so all our previous work was scrapped. We were then shown an example of how the game would now (hopefully) end up looking and began working towards that, as we only had a few days to get the work done, we were working on a much smaller scale.

I ended up modeling a little part of the set were I inserted the original crashed spaceship model and added some rocks, an arch and icicles to fly through. I then UV unwrapped, and textured the file. We decided to go for a much more ‘icy’ look than before. I used a lot more blue tones than just snow to give a much more icy feel, I actually think it looks pretty good given the time period it was done in.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 22.27.52

Once happy with that I baked in ambient occlusion and applied It to my texture, I also made a normal map of my texture to give a nice ‘bumpiness’ to the texture. I then added in lights and we stuck to the blue/yellow highlights and shadow idea as we had done previously as this had proven successful and we felt it looks best, we then baked in light and colour.



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