Creative Enterprise| Evaluation

In Creative Enterprise our first number of weeks were spent in class being shown slideshows about the different areas there are to work in within the animation industry and our task was to write a ‘report’ (not an essay) about Industry. That was the brief, so vague that we could literally write about anything we wanted.

I decided early on in the module that I wanted to write about the gaming industry or rather ‘The Problems with the Gaming Industry’. I spent a lot of time at this and did a lot of research to back up my opinions and presented the report as a report and didn’t push my opinions, but those that I found and could back up with links, books and videos online. I really took my time with this and made sure it read well because I hadn’t been happy with my results of my previous essay. I am happy to say that this paid off as I got a 1.1 .

The next part of this module was preparation for finding placement and finding jobs once we leave university. We had to prepare CV’s and Cover-letters, and most importantly, a show-reel. We then presented all of this in a fake interview process with our tutors and other panelists brought in from outside of the university.

Honestly, I was terrified of my interview I sat down in front of the panel and could feel my body shaking, I managed to calm my body movements but still found that when I began to answer the questions from the panel that, although I knew what I was talking about and had rehearsed in my head answers to all the possible questions I thought they could ask, my voice raced on and I spoke at a speed that was way to fast. I feel as the interview was nearing its end I had got to point were I was speaking at a regular rate, but I walked out of the interview feeling like I could kick myself for not being able to calm down and take my time to answer the questions. However, I was told the following day that I had done really well so perhaps some of what I was panicking about was due to me over thinking and over worrying. Despite hating the experience, I feel that I am now more well equipped for a real interview and wont feel as panicked or rush my answers just as much.

All in all I did enjoy this module and feel it was extremely beneficial in the long run as it has prepared us for the real world and what to expect. After our interview process we have spent the last 2 weeks of the module fixing any problems we have had. I have been spending my time reformatting my CV and updating my show-reel with fully rendered scenes.


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