Creating a Website

As part of our module we were asked to make a professional website, i decided to use wix and here is a quick tour of my site…

the link to my site is

When you go to the site you will be greeted with my home page, as you can see it has a header of 3 rendered images of my work, buttons at the top and centre or the page to direct yourself around, an image of myself so you can put a face to the name, and a little bit about myself.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 22.36.55

The next page is my showreel, when you click the button for it you will be directed to a page with a video of my showreel that you can play as you wish. Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 22.40.28

The next page is my portfolio, it has a gallery of images, some are paintings, watercolour, acrylic and digital, some are rendered images and some are illustrations. You can scroll through to view them as well as clicking on the image to make it full screen.Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 22.40.39

The next page on my site is my contact page, it has my contact information and a contact sheet for users of the site so that they can reach if they chose to do so. Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 22.40.48

The last page of my site is my CV, it has a copy of my CV being shown and also two download options so that you can download the CV as a world doc or PDF as you wish to do so.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 22.41.01

The site is quite basic but it is easy to get around and has all the information any user could need to know about me and how to get in contact with me. I hope you enjoy it if you decide to view it.


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