Creating a Showreel | Walk Cycles

For my showreel i felt it was important to show some animation/walk cycles. Using rigs that were made available by Joe Daniels

I decided to use the rigs ‘Stella’ and ‘Fred’. I chose Stella because she is a larger figure with great curves. I decided this would be most exciting because i could really animate her hips wiggling/swaying and give her a proper confident strut. Personally i am not the greatest animator and do need much more practice, however i thought this piece of animation worked pretty well. Here it is…

I decided to use the Fred rig as he is off a slim build and appears to be an elderly character, i thought this would be fun to work with as i could bend his back over in an over exaggerated manner and have him do a slow almost grumpy walk. I am not as pleased with this walk cycle as i realised later that the rigs arms cannot move up and down, only sway side to side and i found that it looked awkward when this was animated in so left him without the arm sway, here is the finished product…


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