Talk by Mike Bell

Today i went to a talk by the ‘Simons Cat’ Executive Producer, Mike Bell at Duncairn Art Centre.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 15.59.26

Funnily enough i had actually met him 2 weeks ago, had a full conversation with him about animation and not realised who i was speaking too! (awkward…)

Now working with a new company called Ncycle (wich i knew)

Simons Cat is wildly known but also became a cult fandom through social channels such as facebook, Books and apps.

Mike used to work at Tandum for about 15-20 years with Simon. Simons Cat was originally created using Adobe Flash, he decided to put it in his showreel and got 30,000 views per day!

Someone illegally put it on Youtube and it went viral. Youtube allowed them to claim their video, and the original film was called ‘Cat- Man- Do’. Wich i remember seeing for the first time all those years ago, and falling in love with it, it was funny, well timed and so relatable to anybody who owns or has owned a cat.

this film got millions of views and their channel became one of the first to become Youtube Partners, they have no made a total of 45 shorts and have over 3 million subscribers.

All together they have 145,230,534 views!

Audience engagment is not just for views but for longevity.

Brad Bird- Simon understands cats, animation and timing’

The real Simon, infact has 4 cats.

Youtube channel posts are frequently posted, but are high quality, showing success happens even without regular posting, aslong as the content is good.

They also upload non animated content such as videos of Simon visiting the vets for research or Simon drawing ‘Simons Cat’.

Funnily enough, the majority of viewers are cat lovers and owners.

Mike said something that stuck with me in a humorous way “Dog lovers meet at parks, Cat lovers meet on the internet”

The finebrothers did a kids react to Simons Cat wich proved the popularity of the animated series and the audiences it appeals too.

Because there are no words in the series, it is loved Worldwide, Germany in particular are huge fans.

Simons Cats site is about to go live with a shop etc

He then showed us (my favourite Simons Cat episode) ‘Double Trouble”, it has the introduction of the kitten and it is one of the most humorous episodes out there in my opinion.

The company is now making their first colour film, going to be about 12 minutes long.

They are doing this through crowd funding on the likes of Kickstarter, people  who donate will get perks such as books and plush toys. This keeps the audience involved off and on Youtube.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 15.58.13


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