Working with the Mery Rig

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 17.12.27!bestworks/c65q

remember if using a main reference to bring it with you as it wont copy over with file.

Made keyframe of head looking from side to side.

looks awkward and unnatural

dip head down slightly in middle- looks a little better

Problem with student work, poses are right but forget about arcs.

Forward kimatics are how shoulder moves whole arm moves downwards etc

IK means whole arm moves at hand, not should, looks less natural i feel.

Remember to move controller to get eyes to move in realistic and interested manner. Make sure eyeroll etc isnt to slow or to fast. Supposed to be subtle and super natural.

use facial rig shaders to change eyes, lips, cheeks etc, can convey alot of expressions this way.

Even have control of iris size, eyebrow shapes etc

Remember, graph editor is your friend! Helps transitions look much more smooth.

if a keyframe is not useful to animation, delete it. Try and key every 3-4 frames, keep it clean.

Next time watching an animated feature, watch closely at eyes and facial expression especially when character isnt moving. Over and underacting never looks good or convincing.

If unsure always film yourself acting it out or watch scenes from films you know have the look you want to achieve.

tween machine- changes controls of keyframes can save a lot of time.

Remember to give the head (and body) weight.

Never bad idea to look back over 12 principles of animation.

Shown videos of Tena and Alec acting stuff out

Move model into convincing sitting at the table pose. Work on getting pose right.

Keep looking at video for reference.

Put in all key poses first then gradually animate bits inbetween. May take longer but almost guaranteed better results.


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