Whats in a Showreel?

Showreel Examples

Chris De Loyd

Greg Woodcock

Dani Abram

Tom Saville

  • Showreel &/or Demo, your best work should be at the beginning, make it 1 minute to 1 and a half minutes long.
  • Make an online portfolio- modelling pieces etc
  • Dont send generic emails, send something specific to the company to get their attention.
  • External personal work will help you in the long run. Get involved!
  • Feedback is essential to improvement, everyone starts somewhere.
  • Feel free to contact people, get your name out there!

3D Art

  • Different styles
  • Realistic & Stylised
  • Turntables with a wire frame pass as well
  • If for a game show a polycount.
  • Also want to see texture maps

Industry in Northern Ireland

  • Digital Circle
  • Northern Ireland Screen
  • Arts Council of Norhern Ireland
  • Invest N.I

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