Report on Industry

on March 20th we have a 3000 word essay to submit, it is to be a Report on ‘Industry’. Some of the ideas/inspiration we were given are…

  • recession
  • focus on Belfast or America/Worldwide
  • 2500-3000 words required
  • can discuss animations
  • can discuss certain studios
  • go any direction that is relevant to better understand the industry
  • submit a digital and physical copy

How to better your essay

Even if your content isn’t good, if grammar and formatting is good you can still do better than you may think.

Essay Requirements 

Style and Format:

Margins: set the margins of your document to 2.54 cm on all sides.

Font: Times New Roman, black colour, font size 12 throughout.

Essay Title: appear at the beginning of the page (centre aligned), in font Times New Roman size 12 and in bold. It should not be in italics or underlined.

Subheadings: left aligned and in bold.

Text and Paragraphs: All text justified (except for captions, which should be centred). Indent the first line of each paragraph by 1.27 cm; use the Tab key in Word instead of using the Space key five times.

Spacing: double-spaced throughout including references (except the indented quotes, which should be single-spaced according to Harvard referencing style). Add another one space between end of paragraph and new subheading.

Page Numbers: include page numbers in essay. Use Times New Roman size 12, and place in the top right-hand corner of each page.

References: the References section should list all works cited (including films) within the essay; with the words “References” as a heading (left aligned), in font size 12 and in bold. (How to cite within the text and list the references at the end of essay, please see the Harvard Referencing System.)

Quotations: double quotation marks throughout. The only exceptions to this rule are: quotes within quotes (instead, use single quotation marks).

Order: -Report Title

-Author’s name, student number and module name (centre aligned and not in bold)

-Essay body


Images and Captions: insert all images and captions (centre aligned) in their proper places. Captions should appear in bold, centre aligned, and directly under the image (no space).



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